Exactly what Men Look For in Women

What is it that guys look for inside a girl? Girls have been trying to find the answer to this conundrum for years, without ever having much to show for it. Of course , every man is different, and your man falls into this category. Nevertheless, as a rule, even though they all have various desires and needs, if you can offer him the following, he would be fairly damn charmed with you.

Boost his confidence: Men want to feel good. They can be very insecure, and so they need their woman to say to them how great they are, how appealing they are, how strong they are, just how secure they make you feel. They want their particular ego boosting once in a while, and informing him what he wants to listen to is the best way to go about it.

Great Sex: Of course , this can be a necessity, but many ladies seem to neglect it anyway. But boys getting boys, sex is at the very best of their list. They need a woman who will be going to go all out to please them between the sheets, not someone who just lays still and lets your pet get on with it. They want to see enthusiasm from their lover, and they want to see it often!

Good food: Let’ s concede it, many men are quite childish, and they want to be mothered from time to time. And one from the perfect (indeed, most important) methods to do so is to feed him. This individual wants tasty food, he really wants to enjoy it with you, and ideally, he or she needs you to cook it!

Someone exciting: Maybe the most important aspect in any relationship is the entertainment factor. It’ s real for you too, isn’ t it? You require your guy to be thrilling carefree. You need him to do things that surprise you. You need him to exhibit you a fun time, and be initial now and again, right? Of course you do. And it’ s exactly the same for your pet. He wants someone to show your pet a exciting time, just as frantically as you do!

Look great: Men want a partner who appears good, no denials about it. Among the fastest ways to turn off your man is to stop beautifying yourself. Punch on some make up, go shopping occasionally and choose something sexy to wear, and then turn on the style simply for him – he loves it!

Give him some space: Men being men, they also demand their privacy. This means, letting your pet do what he wants by himself (and trusting him! ). He needs a woman who is very happy to let him go to his friends now and then with his mates, go out bowling or even whatever it is that interests your pet. The majority of guys cannot stand getting with their partners all the time, so give him some space – he’ ll love you for it.

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  • evil chevy:

    I lost all my baby weight, but retain some stretch marks and an ugly c-section scar. My husband acts like it doesn’t bother him.. it’s hard to believe him. (yes, I realize I’m just ASKING for rude comments, but I’m really hoping to hear from some guys who either feel this way or try to make their women feel like they do..)

  • Hayden:

    I keep seeing that women find confident men attractive. Ladies, could you elaborate? Confidence in regards to what exactly? Careers? Sex? Hobbies? How does a man show you he’s confident? Thanks.

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